About us

MAIN EVENT PRODUCTIONS is an Event Production and Artist Management company that was established in 2018 in Athens, Greece.

Driven by a deep passion for music, our mission is to envision and curate music festivals and events that showcase the best international and local bands and musicians, taking you on a journey of exploration through sound and senses. We aim to offer you the opportunity to open your minds, ears and hearts to a whole range of genres from Jazz to Rock and Heavy Metal to Fusion like you have never heard before.

Our meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful planning and execution elevates our events into experiences that are truly one of a kind. We break all barriers and leave no stone unturned.

Our message is simple: Music is our passion. Where our music is welcome, we will play it loud. Where our music is challenged, we will play it even louder!

As Artist managers we aim to nurture our clients, while embracing their own unique styles, allowing them to shine in their full musical glory. We aim to create new and exciting opportunities for our clients, offering support and guidance to navigate the nuances of the complex and ever-evolving music industry. Come what may, we’ve got your back!